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Jayla's Labyrinth

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Second and final contest entry for yoyogames, and the most disturbing entry in the Rift Cosmology (Shudder, Beyond the Doorway, Jayla's Labyrinth). The download link takes you to the yoyogames page.

In summary JL is a stealth / puzzle game with lotsa need for strategy and occasional need for shootin' skills. Like Shudder it has two difficulty settings: Normal and Frantic. Normal has a "fog of war" effect on every level, where the fog reveals new areas (and sometimes monsters) as you move from room to room. On Frantic the fog always obscures unseen areas, so you never know for certain where the bad guys are hiding.

This was a Shudder add-on originally but I decided to use the BtD engine instead and make something new.

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Jayla's Labyrinth made it to Round 2 of the judging process! I guess that means it doesn't suck. If you haven't played it yet, give it a go and tell me watcha think!

If you'd like to play the other contest entries, they're here: http://competition.yoyogames.com/#/Round2

You'll need Silverlight to view the list.

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well, JayLab didn't make it to the finalists' round, but its status as a semifinalist is pretty impressive. That helps me confirm this is one of my best games.

Don't be afraid to share your thoughts.

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