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Doom Wallpapers

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These are two (Three) wallpapers that are doom based that I created. The first is is a stand alone, Doom Wallpaper, 1280 x 1024, as well as an 800 x 600 version. THe second is a Doom 'Legacy' Wallpaper, characters and monsters from Doom and the other games that were most likely inspired by it (Excluding Wolf3D, which also appears on this one), such as Strife, Duke Nukem, and Dark Forces. Yah I know some are missing like Powerslave, Rise of the Triad (Probally more Wolf3d based) and a couple others, but these were the ones on the top of my head at the time. Includes the name of a game, and one too two characters to go with it. Enjoy! Feed back is pleasurable!

1280 Doom Wallpaper -

800 Doom Wallpaper -

1280 Doom Legacy Wallpaper -

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Heh. Me likey.

The tacky, cut out look actually adds to the look, funnily enough.

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