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Stupid STRAIN question

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Dumb question. I just ported a bunch of my DooM stuff over to a new computer (which is kinda a couple hundred miles away by now, I just moved) and I cannot figure out how to extract the files for STRAIN TC onto my current computer (it's a Vista, apparently the trick of making a new .txt file with instructions for extraction and then making the file into a .bat doesn't work).

If anyone has any advice or links to the extracted STRAIN files, I'd appreciate it. It's my favorite of the classic TCs.

Oh, and my apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask all this.

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I'm using Vista, and the instructions I gave years ago still work, without even needing Dosbox. Basically you need to perform a binary add of the files and then run strain.exe.

The binary add is:
copy /B strain.001+strain.002+strain.003+strain.004 strain.exe

You'll probably need to do that via a command prompt rather than via a batch file (batch files don't work at all, right?). That is:
Start button
Type in "cmd"
Navigate to the directory where you have unzipped strain.001, strain.002, strain.003 and strain.004
Type copy /B strain.001+strain.002+strain.003+strain.004 strain.exe
Type strain.exe

Then quit the command prompt and you have the wad and deh files.

BTW, note that strain.exe is a self-extracting lha file, so you can equally well rename it to, say, strain.lha and open it with winzip or winrar.

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Batch files do indeed not seem to work. I could make a txt file into a bat file in WinXP by renaming the file, but no dice here.

How do I change target directories at the command prompt, again? It's been, like, a decade since I last worked with DOS. :P

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Renaming it to .cmd also does nothing. :/

When I finally figure this out, do you think anyone will object to if I upload the main files to /idgames, provided I note in the text file that I have altered nothing and only uploaded the unzipped files for easier access?

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Did you not try what I suggested? It should work fine.

To change directories, it's cd

Thus if you have put the file in c:\strntemp :

Regarding reuploading wads such as STRAIN to the idgames archive, this has been discussed many times (do a forum search). In all such cases, it depends on what permissions were given in the original txt, and whether Ty decides to permit a revised version that isn't from the original author(s). Generally he hasn't done so.

Graf Zahl said:

'install . .' has always worked well for me.

Yeah, that's another way, though in Vista it also needs to be via a command prompt (rather than the "Run..." window).

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I tried it now that you showed me how to change directories.

And now I have the files! Many thanks!

RE: Uploading

Hmmm, okay. Now I wonder how many members of the Alpha Dog Alliance still make DooM levels...

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Nostromo (Rich Johnston) is easily contactable, though he wasn't one of the project leaders so I'm not sure how far his say on the issue goes.

Anyhow, the included batch installer still works fine on modern systems but it is very confusion-prone since it does not assume "use the current directory" if you don't enter any -- you have to specify both, even if it's just what Graf suggested (which is the simplest method by far).

Honestly, I think it's weird that they even had you enter a source directory considering that the install batch file is going to be in the same directory as the source files unless someone is silly enough to move it. :P

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