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What's with this modern warfare 2 mod?

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There's a mod/video that's been doing the rounds on blogs and whatnot. It's a total conversion that makes Doom like CoD Modern Warfare 2 - it adds the weapons, reloading, perks, random other stuff.

The thing is, I can't find any solid info or documentation on it. Googling for '"modern warfare mod" doom' only turns up more blog postings, all of which inevitably lead to just the mod files on rapidshare.

Has anyone else played this? A some stuff seems busted - I can't pick up new weapons if I drop the old one.

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While we're at it, does anyone know how to bind a key to drop a weapon, in real guns advanced, such that not only do I drop the weapon but can then pick up new ones? At present it just drops my guns and then I can't pick up anything else in their place, still popping up the "please bind a key to dropweapon, your weapon slot is full" message.

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Mods that use weapon slot systems (like AEOD, Real Guns Advanced, and my own MagnumOpus) need their own Drop Weapon key. Check the bottom of the keyboard controls list for the new key.

This is beginning to be a headache - ZDoom did not used to have a Drop Weapon key until recently, and it's confusing some people. Perhaps if the built-in weapon drop key was more customizable by modders, we would not have this problem.

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That's done it. Thanks.

Not sure I like everything respawning in a more powerful version. I guess that's to offset the weapons being so powerful, but it's hard to get used to and kind of annoying. Oh well.

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