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Um, sounds more like the civil war is over, unless there's tons of hidden political wranglings that I'm not aware of.

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There had been plans to migrate skulltag back to the .com domain for some time. What brought things to a head was essel's resignation and outcry over the lack of transparency regarding bans in general. Eruanna decided to resign as a Skulltag administrator, and I think everybody figured then was a good a time as any to migrate everything back.

AFAIK she still runs the primary IRC hub for skulltag's IRC network, and she is still the primary maintainer of All Out War 2: The Second Coming so it's not like she's gone completely.

So if people are itchin' for some fresh drama to mock the Skulltag community with, this isn't it, just the conclusion of the last bit. And it's not even that juicy either, since as far as I know she's still on good terms with the community at large and will continue posting.

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