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Shadow Dweller

Pen Spinning?

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It seems that there comes a time in every forums life where a member gets curious enough to ask, "Does anyone here do Pen Spinning?".

So, Does anyone here do pen spinning?

Feel free to post videos showing off, exchange techniques and tips, help other members with certain tricks, etc.

For reference here's a collaboration video of pen spinning :

So far I can only do the "thumb around" and am currently learning the "reverse thumb around"

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It's an annoying often unconscious habit of mine when I have a pen in my hand\nearby. But I'm nowhere near as adept as the guys in that first video.

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Wow! The potential usefullness of this is just...unimaginable!

Can you get pen spinning served?

Why am i thinking: furries, drum majorettes, ridin spinnaz, overpaid office clerks, secret fa..ehm, sith lords/manga-/anime-heroes??

If i could move my fingers that fast, i´d never leave the house!

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I do it quite often when I have a medium or so sized pen around in class, but I don't do "pen spinning", as the "pens" are foot long sticks.

It's kind of a habit when sitting in class, but I'm more interested in butterfly knives.

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