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Well i always wanted to do some DOOM maps,and so far i have done 2(tecnically 3 but the third one is a boss level),they suck,but still i wanna do new maps, and become an epic doom mapper, lol.

Anyway i have some questions regarding mapping and designing(most with doombuilder and zDoom)

1. How do i create a "House"?
Well, something like this
but with a working door.

2. How do i convert Hexen/Heretic sprites into Doom's?
I tried putting the palette in(auto), but the colors screw up.

3.What midi Music Creator is good and free?
I found one called Midi Maker, but it doesn't let me export Midi Files(trial version tough),and i don't think there's another music creator as simple as this one.(Select an instrument and click on the screen ,'nuff said)

4.Adding Custom monsters on the Cast Screen?(the screen with monsters after MAP30)
I want to know if its possible to do this and how to.

5. How do I create an item that gives more than 200 HP/Armor?

That's All.

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Well, you should get XWE, or another .wad editor to change some stuff.

I really am not good with that stuff, but you really need a .wad editor.

I think..

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Well, Hexen/Heretic have different color palettes than Doom, so colors messing up isn't a 'problem' with the games/XWE/ etc. It's the different palettes.

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You'll need to edit the MainWAD entry in xwe.ini (it's near the end) to point to your Heretic/Hexen wad before exporting the sprites so they'll have the correct palette, then use a suitable image editor to re-map them to the Doom palette.

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well i would start out with making standard doom2 maps. skip zdoom doom in hexen format for now because its more complex. just making a simple door is much simpler in standard doom2.

Did you mean something like this?
doom2 format
(also some someone explain to me why you cant spam the use key on the door from the outside but you can from inside??)

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SonicIce said:

also some someone explain to me why you cant spam the use key on the door from the outside but you can from inside??

That only appears to affect the ZDoom family of ports. Chocolate, Eternity and PrBoom+ had no problems though Edge failed open that door from the outside until I removed the PassThru flag.

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Heretic uses quite a different palette from Doom... You could try to export all the sprites as a bmp or whatever and then re-import them using the doom palette(slumped, slade, whatever) and convert to doompic and it should attempt to do the closest match the colors using the Doom palette.

I did a quick test using my editor and Qt matches the colors pretty well. However, some colors between monsters will be darker or lighter depending on the color match.

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