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Josh the Funkdoc

Live Streaming Thread

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Hello everyone,

I've watched Doom speedruns for years and now do a live stream featuring my own speedruns of console games.

One thing I was considering doing on my stream was showing various Doom demos with commentary. I am decently knowledgeable regarding the Doom tricks but would have to read up a bit more before trying this.

As such, I just wanted to see if anyone would be OK with this or not. You don't have to worry about me giving credit, as I've posted a bunch of other people's runs on my Youtube account and always made it clear they aren't mine. My commentary would frequently reference the player in question!

Heck, if any of you wanted to, you could even help with the commentary via stream chat or Skype!

I'm also surprised to see that nobody around here has tried this yet. I personally find speedrunning far more enjoyable when you can read the chat and talk with your friends in (almost) real time, and most viewers are more excited to watch when they don't know the end result. If any of you are interested in this and aren't sure how to begin, I can help with streaming from computer screens. =)


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hmm.. a live speedrunning session? interesting. specify date and time and i might watch. it'd be a dull show if i was the one running, but watching russiandumbass trying to finish sodfinal map29 with his irreplaceable commentary was certainly entertaining.

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