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DB1 on USB and error52

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Hi, I am here at my school having a break, I try to run doombuilder at a PC via my USB drive. I mapped some minutes and by some reason I get an error message which says :

"Error 52 while loading map: Bad file name or number"

Is there any connection between that I use it from a USB drive or that i might use it on the wrong PC, or that the program maybe has gone corrupted? the builder bumps into this on any wad file

maybe this is the wrong place to ask this at, sorry if so.

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Yea I don't care much for DB1 anymore, it is old. It is only still available for download because not everyone has a modern computer.

DB1 doesn't do anything in the background, so doubt it suddenly gave you that error out of the blue while you are mapping. You probably tried to save your map? Either way, yes, it may have to do with DB1 being on a USB stick. It was not made to work like that. Make sure you have writing rights to that USB stick, because DB1 saves its settings in its own program directory (regardless where you save your WAD file).

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yea I noticed that the problem was that the config of files and nodes including testing exe was totally wrong.

by some reason, DB thought it all was in E:/ but there was nothing on E:/

so I fixed it by browsing it at H:/ were it actualy was

then it all worked fine

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Normal practice is to allocate the lowest available drive letter to USB drives, so on one PC it was E:, on another it's H: and on a third it might be something entirely different. That's a problem you'll have to learn to live with.

Builder.cfg can be edited to use relative paths for IWADs, but not nodebuilders or testing - they'll need to be checked on each PC you plug the USB drive into. You can't trust the list of recently edited wads either since each entry is dependent on a specific PC's drive mapping.

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