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How much do you get paid to poop?

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Self-employed, so I poop on my own time. I try to make productive use of the time though, by taking suitable reading matter with me.

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I usually don't like to poop at work. I avoid it as often as possible. (I work at a gas station)

However, if I gotta make some yellow before going to work I usually hold it until after I get there, then hold it a little longer so it doesn't seem like a recurring habit. I've always considered the value of doing things that would ordinarily be time wasters at home at work simply because I'm getting paid for it. It's best to make the time you spend making money as enjoyable as possible.

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I never do it at work. Well, I used to at Red Lobster when I had a dish pit shift. After doing the morning opening stuff, but before starting on the big push to start cleaning up the dish pit, I'd visit the facilities. 75% of the time, I wouldn't even have to go, and just sit there enjoying my alone time/rest for about 5 minutes. Considering how very little they pay me, I doubt it would add up to more than a couple hundred a year.

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