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Might and magic; heroes kingdoms

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So apparently this browserbased mmo went live a few days ago. If you've played HoMM5 it's somewhat similar, at least as far as units and city buildings go, but it follows some other browser-based mmo rules like the city and surroundings being a location on a tilemap, a combat system based on points, and buildings taking real time to construct and resource income coming in over time. So if you'd like to join, use this link to be spawned 'somewhat' near me on the hounds of the apocalypse server, though space is running out now. And if you'd like to join my alliance, it's called Hel on Earth. So far it's just me and 2 friends, but I plan on expanding it soon if possible.

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Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms™ has not been launched in your country yet!
We chose to open the game to players in each country only when we are sure that the quality has been raised to the top, and when we are ready and confident.
We will contact you when the game is ready to be launched in your country.

So the first country gets crap, the last gets the best? Sucks to be you.

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