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Strange problem

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I'm making a map for zdoom with custom things, so I load my map and the wad with all things resources.

In the editor, in things mode, in the "edit thing" window I cannot see all the things I loaded.
For example I have three hanging marines with type number 2654 2655 and 2656: only numbers 2655 and 2656 are correctly displayed in doom builder while db 2 doesn't recognise thing type 2654: if i put in the level an thing type 2654 I have only the thing with the "?" mark.

However, when I start zdoom all 3 things are present, so i suppose it is a db2 problem.


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I think im going to close this forum because the bug reports all go in the wrong place. Nobody reads. Anyway, give me your wad and ill check it out.

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