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Testers and opinions needed for my new map

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Hello all!
Here's my last Vanilla Doom compatible map, based on green bricks and wood only (Why I did so? Because I liked so!)

The focus is on gameplay rather on details. There are traps and ambushes, pitch-black recesses, a good number of revenants and a couple of archviles. Let me know your opinion!



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Okay, first of all, did you play this for yourself a few times? Obviously not, because there are some game breakers like switches not working and unreachable keys in this. I stopped when I couldn't reach the red key, because obviously this is unplayable right now. I don't get why some mappers don't even play their own creation before they upload it...?! Well, here some further critique:

1. And this goes to a lot of newcomer mappers:

It looks uninspired, boring and LAZY! STOP IT! Be creative!

2. Unfair monster traps all over makes this annoying as hell. I had to resurrect myself from the dead about 5 times before I couldn't stand it anymore. Chaingunners popping up behind you and all over the place. This is not fun. You force the player to play this map over and over and over, just so he can survive every new trap that comes ahead and all are filled with chaingunners or revenants. That would be okay if the overall map is interesting, but ... it's not. It's just a bunch of corridors that you have to run through in a very linear way. You should remove a couple of chaingunners and revenants in those traps with demons or imps or something and place a few stimpacks or ammo in the opened areas, so a player has something to collect while the traps spring at him nonstop. Otherwise it's just unfair and annoying.

3. The architecture is at first okay, because you have all different kind of room shapes, but after a while it ends up in just identical hallways and corridors, all spring like 3 traps on you etc and always looking at the same green texture makes this very uninteresting to play.

4. LOTS of HOM. This would take a long time to point em all out. It's just a lot of missing upper / lower textures. If you're using DB2, just run error check and see the missing textures and replace them by your ONE TEXTURE that you're using in the entire level.

Overall it seems like you never played this map for yourself, which I find kinda embarrassing, because if even you don't enjoy playing the map yourself, how can others?

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