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Hell Bent EP1 is released

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I've released Hell Bent EP1. It's a nine map ZDoom WAD for Doom 2. Here's some pics:




It uses ZDoom's decorate, MAPINFO and extended line specials but gameplay is otherwise classic Doom orientated. Maybe I'll make the 2nd Episode one day.

Link: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=16185

One note: Freelook is welcomed but jumping/crouching is considered cheating. I forgot to mention this in the text file. If anyone intends to post an /Idgames review can they make this note? I would except I don't want to rate my own work!

Well... Enjoy. Critism constructive or otherwise is welcome as always.

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You can re-upload this project with a fixed text file. Just use the "Archive Maintainer:" line in the template to tell Ty to replace the current file with the new one.

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@walter - thanks for playing. I'd be interesting in hearing your thoughts when you're done.

@Creaphis - Done - thanks.

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