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Walter confetti

speed of corvus (aka doomworld heretic speedmapping session 4)

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hello, dear guys!

As promised, here it is the 4th doomworld speed mapping session, now with a name (Speed of Corvus) and theme of today is... Capture the flag!

Whatever, here's the rules:

- All maps must be done in the 24 hours from now (2 AM).
- You can send multiple maps.
- All maps must be done using the skulltag engine (sorry, no zdaemon this time).Here's the download link for doom builder 2 configuration file (copy in your "configuration" doom builder 2 folder): http://www.mediafire.com/?rkt412h35xceico
- You MUST use the medieval textures from rottking and esselfortium, also for this a mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/?471192ijx42dgaq (i don't found the original link)
- New music is highly appreciated, just keep it down the 1 MB filesize
- and, most important.... HAVE FUN DOING THIS!

oh, i start whit this:


title: Lazy CTF
buil time: 1 hour and half

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@Creaphis: thanks for the compliment for my avatar...

@Jodwin: mmmm... i'm a fan of haruhi suzumiya, altough you don't like it or it could be so old, please don't fell offended... oh, and please don't ruin the surprise about the 2nd season! I've got two episodes dubbed in french about the "Mikuru's movie behind the scenes", and... in one episode she beats Mikuru because she dosen't shoot rays from eyes.... ok, it's a crap T_______T

BTW I would appreciate if you contribute to the project, assuming you have the game in question ... 2 hours missing!

Oh, and imp lord2, in how many time you made that map?


jodwin linked us to: http://www.sosbrigade.com/

good god.

Err... where's the mikuru's photos? LOL.

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I sent A PM of some info of a list of my previous works for v-hsms4-info.txt

walter confalonieri said:

and if someone will make a skulltag server game of this, i will felt really glad!!!!

I'm planing to do a test server of it later today or tomorrow when I have time.

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Since all 3 of these uses about a fraction of the medieval textures I suggest you delete the unused textures so there will be less space in the wad before you later upload this to idgames archives.

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