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Best port for multiplayer LAN?

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What would be the best port for playing Doom over the LAN with two computers? Preferably limit-removing. I know about Skulltag, but can you turn off all the additions, i.e. U/D mouselook and new weapons? I've tried ZDaemon but it's a mess to set up.

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Legacy, is when played in a barebone state (IE, basic vanilla and boom maps, with most "fancy" stuff turned off) a very good option for LAN play. The network code being written specifically with it in mind. But Odamex is probably better. I've never tried it on LAN so I dunno.

I don't recommend Skulltag for LAN.

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Doomsday 1.8.6 is also pretty good over LAN for Doom and Heretic, with client server architecture and is fully intergrated (i.e one can select and host/join an MP game from the main menu in game). Though it isn't limit removing (i.e. map size wise; it doesn't have visplane limits for instance) or Boom compatible.

The Doomsday 1.9 betas, though extreme limit removing, currently has, essentially, broken multiplayer.

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Thanks for the replies, here is my report:

I tried Odamex, but I couldn't make a non-dedicated server. The port isn't familiar at all to me, though, so maybe I just don't know how to use it.

Legacy is a good idea, I remember playing splitscreen on it. I did some test runs on it, but it gave me an error about not being able to find the PWAD I wanted to play. Probably because of the retardedly long directory path.

Then I tried ZDoom and it was pretty easy to set up with ZDL. The game went out of sync at one point, so I had to make a new game starting on the next map. Not too much of a problem.

I saw the post about Doomsday after the session, so I didn't try it. From what I remember it was pretty straightforward but its compatibility is a bit wonky and I don't really dig the graphical improvements. Just saying. I like to check my maps on Doomsday every once in a while though.

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