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new doom port to test!

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OK, I lied about the title.
First a bit of explaination.
1) It's not a port. It's completely new source code that simply uses Doom levels as a format for me to load
2) It's not ever going to recreate Doom.
3) It's not finished - I've just done hopefully the majority of the collision detection.
4) Visibility culling is not in, I'm testing something - so sectors pop in and out a lot.

Oh, you'll need the latest shockwave plug-in. Here is my game:


It's got more stuff in it, but if you don't look up and down or jump, and set graphics to Doom standard (errrr n key I think) then it looks fairly similar!
Note I'm using cylindrical collision, not box like Doom did, so you can get places you couldn't in the original. If you fall out a window and get stuck it's your own tough - just restart :)

I've posted this here because last time I posted a demo (admittedly ages ago) on this site I got so many hits I had a huge bill from my ISP for exceeding bandwidth!

Anyway, all comments / thoughts welcome to gerbil@theburrow.co.uk

Cheers, hope you enjoy! If you think you can break the collision (other than being crushed or not hitting sprites - I ain't got that far yet) let me know ASAP!


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