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Doom-related artwork for Quake III Arena

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In 1999 John Mueller was contracted to do some artwork for Quake III Arena. His Visor concept ended up on the Quake 3 manual, but he also made an excellent rendition of the Doom marine, as shown here:

Doom artwork

The borders were added after-the-fact by game industry artist Steven Garofalo. There is quite a bit of dust on the image, so here's a touched-up version that is a bit easier on the eyes.

The artwork itself is pretty damn nice, and served as my wallpaper for several months back in '99. Note the Cyberdemon-inspired decomposing head that Doomguy is carrying, the slung shotgun behind him, his Quake/Quake II-related Strogg tattoo, and (of course) the mini Quake III Arena logo seen in a stream of blood.

My favourite aspect of the piece would have to be the Angel of Death holding his hourglass - for me, it really completes the evil nature of the work. As to the style of the art, I'm seeing influences of Frank Frazetta and Brom.

I'm not sure as to whether these two pieces were potential candidates for the Quake III Arena box cover... Perhaps id decided that fantasy-style box art was a little too oldschool for 1999. I think the Doom artwork could have worked well for Doom 3 however, since it would have continued the fantasy theme set by Punchatz and Brom in the first two iterations.

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Never seen it before. Goosebumps!

Edit: Aww, was hoping to copy the border over to the touched-up one, but the jpg compression really ruined the border.

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Loving it! I can see why they didn't use it for the box cover (it isn't Doom after all) but it would've been nice as a 'victory' screenie or a picture in the manual. Makes you wonder what other cool artwork is out there... :)

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This Doomguy's clothes are too damaged for my taste.

Trilinear said:

Note the Cyberdemon-inspired decomposing head that Doomguy is carrying,

It reminds me of that Doom 3 Hell loading screen demon face.

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