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Walter confetti

a new level, OLD HELL SCRAPER

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Hello dear dommers, before i upload this map (and speed of corvus, of course) to the /idgames, i just want to take you this as a public beta test, feedback are always accepted!


Text is included in the zip, for further informantion.

I hope you like it. This level requires prboom (or boom with MBF) and compatible ports. Enjoy!

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The Valley of the demons level I felt a bit strange, but I didn't find any serious problems. The city level looked interesting, I'll wait for finishing (if you not finished yet)

The anime picture was something 18+, or jut "regular" anime picture? :D Because I couldn't see the detalis on the pic

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I like map31 even through I should have it expected to have the SS Nazis hanging around. As for the city map, most indoor areas were too cramp so don't care for that map.

off topic: btw are you going to do what I suggested in "speed of corvus" thread (check last post)?

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Katamori said:

The anime picture was something hentai, or jut "regular" anime picture? :D Because I couldn't see the detalis on the pic

Just "regular" anime pics (although them comes from a fan-made Japanese game, called "Touhou project". And, yes, there's also a anime based on this game, but that wasn't the source).

Oh, btw there's a cramped "hentai" picture made by me in the flooded bathroom, right at the front of the teleport of first room, in one of the open toilet rooms (if i don't remember bad, is the north room...)
but is just somenthing stupid...

Philnemba said:

off topic: btw are you going to do what I suggested in "speed of corvus" thread (check last post)?

Yes, i tried to see the unused textures using xwe, and that program crashed on my computer... however, i'll upload it tonight...

Whatever, thanks to all for the submission, i'll see to fix and upgrade the things you asked to change in the levels, so i'll upload it when is finished...

NaturalTvventy said:

i'm halfway through map 31 and i'm having a blast. lots of nifty tricks. i'm a bit lost right now though.

I'd like to know where you get lost, if i don't understood bad you get lose on the tech base, isn't? If not, told me where's the exact point.
Oh and i like to know some impressions about map32...

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My feedback ...


1. With software ports, there are many instances, in both maps, where the middle texture is rendered into the floor. One good example is in map31 line 4980. Thankfully though, most examples are at near eye level and not easily noticed.

2. Both maps have doombuilder 3d mode start. Might be worth deleting them.

MAP31 ...

1. Did lines 667 and 658 need the lower unpeg flag ? Note effect when sector 1018 lowers.

2. In the extremely rare situation where the player may have run out of ammo, why not an ammo clip at sector 1053, so that the switch at line 6956 can be activated ?

3. Was there a reason for sector 25 ?

4. SHOWSTOPPER - the player can be trapped between lines 2917 and 2926 in ports that do not support jump. I suggest making lines where sectors 592 and 597 are impassible.

5. No reward for finding secret sector 1465.

6. Impassible lines 8598 etc. did not make sense.

MAP32 ...

1. BOOM - player is blocked when walking under the KEEN at sectors 156 and 163.

2. Wrong Y offset at line 1571 - switch.

3. Did line 483 need to be lower unpegged ?

4. Line 316 needs offsetting and does it need to stay at lower unpegged ?

5. Remove tag at line 439.

6. Where step5 texture is at sector 308, some of the lines are missing the texture.

7. Silent teleport at lines 3366/3710 way too obvious.

8. IMO the lower of lines 3832, 3834 etc. would look better with BRICK1.

9. Impassible lines 3678 etc. do not make sense.

10. SHOWSTOPPER - If the player has correctly arrived at sector 1017 and uses the switch at line 9069 from this side, the elevator lowers and the player is trapped in sector 1017 area. Ideally, a switch opposite the one at line 1017 should have been made to raise the elevator, as well as switches inside the elevator.

11. Sector 1468 etc. could have had a higher ceiling height IMO.

12. The lower of line 7790 would look better with GSTONE2 IMO.

13. Lines 8161 and 8169 should have been lower unpegged.

14. Check Y offset for line 24706.

15. Instead of sector 1138 being where it is, ideally this should have been an external control sector, which would make sector 1055 look better when lowered. Also, when lowered, the player can be trapped in this sector - a potential showstopper.

16. Sector 285 has a light level of 255, yet the others a light level of 244. Intentional ?


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@hawkwind: thanks for feedback, copypasta (urgh, what a 4chan term).

and about the significance of sector 25 in map31, is a little meat outlet... oh well, that shit came out from some place, isn't? If you don't like this idea, i will clear that sector...

and about the sector 1465 secret, i found the way to unlock the COMPBLUE bars and go the secret sector, is showed in this picture:

i don't remember if this thing is in the wad file i send...

oh, and in map32 the silent sector could be obvious, but i don't known another way to do that... I'm open to any suggestions!

@Clonehunter: a dommer is a typo of doomers, fans of the game doom man ^________^.

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