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How to add health regeneration command (Skulltag)?

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I joined a match earlier and it was like Call of Duty. They had all of the weapons from MW2, perks, knifing, etc. They also had custom maps, but I don't really care about those.

Anyway, they also had a mod that regenerated health like in CoD. For example, if I got hit with a rocket and had 12% health left, it gradually went back up to 100% without medikits, stimpacks, etc. I jsut had to get to cover. There was also tactical insertions and respawning. It was really cool, but I'm still noobish at this.

How can I do those mods?

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derp said:

They also had custom maps

That's actually pretty important. They probably have scripts running that designates cover sectors as health regen areas, with the possible requirement that you stayed in that sector for x seconds before healing anything. A more complicated and less likely possibility would be to have the players use a special player class through DECORATE code and apply some sort of 'if player is out of line of sight of enemies, recover x health per second function, though I have no idea how feasible that would be.

Tactical spawning, just have a menu with spawn point location options through a script. Perks, about the same. You can do a lot with scripting.

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