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Does zdoom play music from Windows Media Player?

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I played through some of Hexen today, and when I got to the second level some music started playing from a CD that I ripped yesterday. I opened the WAD in Slade 3 earlier today, but the only thing I did was copy out one of the sky textures, and I can't find anything out of place.

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Hexen had midi as well as cd audio. You must have the cd audio option enabled, so it looked at whatever cd was in there and started playing ;-P

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Hexen played CD tracks if you had the CD in the drive, and ZDoom does the same because it supports Hexen. If you look at Hexen.wad in SLADE3, you'll see that each level is associated to a CD track number in the MAPINFO lump. For example, Winnowing Hall has this code:

warptrans 1
next 2
cluster 1
sky1 SKY2 0
sky2 SKY3 0
cdtrack 13
That said, playing CD tracks may be removed later because it's not a feature most people ever use, and that some people even mistake for a bug.

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