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Non-midi music?

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It's possible, though depending on the format chosen you could be restricting your wad to a small range of source ports. Avoid or convert .wav music files wherever possible since they're typically ten times the size of 128k MP3's.

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As an addendum, the only source ports that I know of that allow more than just MUS is ZDoom and its well-known child ports, GZDoom and Skulltag. With those ports, you can use anything that FMOD typically supports, which even includes the sequenced module formats, like MOD, XM, OXM, S3M, and IT.

BOOM can use MIDIs, and I'm willing to bet that Legacy and EDGE do, as well.

I think Doomsday (the "J" ports) supports MP3, OGG, and WMA.

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ZDoom and derivatives are far from the only ones who can play non-MUS, non-MIDI music. I have played a few mods in GLBoom+ which had OGG soundtracks, for example.

In fact, just like ZDoom can play any audio format that FMOD Ex supports, most other ports (who use SDL generally) can play any audio format that SDL supports. There are a few.

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