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Peter Heinemann

A huge music resource for Doom

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Sid Play - C64 music in Doom...

Do you remember or have you at least heard about the famous C64 home computer of the eighties? Sure you know it. This compy, despite the fact that its processor used to run only at 1MHz (actually it was less than 1 MHz) had a very nice sound/music chip called „SID“. SID was able to generate 3 voices and could produce quite impressive sounds. Now, since were are so many C64 games released and there is a SID emulator out called „Sidplay“, I thought that SID-files (music files extracted from C64 game roms) could also be a resource for Doom music. I have downloaded Sidplay (binaries available for Windows and Mac as well), that comes with some sound files, and: Most of them sound really cool, its impressive what those old time coders squished out of the registers of this little chip! The easiest way to use sid files certainly is to run Sidplay in the background and to use the „loop“-function. Some of them sound very atmospheric to me and could add to Doom WADs. I would say, some of them deliver a very thick music atmosphere.

Here are some links, go for it and let it sound :)




(The files are very small)

"Oh my Good, it´s full of typos..."

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