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msa doom - by disciple-x

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MSA Doom is released, developed by Disciple-X (msadoom@hotmail.com), from Doomserv !

[The purpose of this WAD file is to enhance the Death Match Experience, without changing the way Death Match feels entirely in Doom. This WAD uses many of Zdoom's new features.]

For more information and you wish to download the file, please go to Greensting`s Internet Doom2 Gaming Resource

(btw, screw you Orion, for you called greensting a newbie. He's been around 'n this community longer than you are, most likely)

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I like COOP more because DM ends up pissing me off if I start losing, then I go round and start breaking stuff, too bad theres hardly no COOP servers left on zdaemon ._.

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