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Freedoom 0.7-rc1 Released

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Catoptromancy said:

Download it here.

I did, twice to be sure, but the contents are 0.6.4:

  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
        0  2009-06-15 18:16   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/
    29403  2009-06-15 18:15   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/ChangeLog
 19801320  2009-06-15 18:11   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/doom2.wad
     1648  2009-06-15 18:15   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/COPYING
     7686  2009-06-15 18:15   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/README
     7712  2009-06-15 18:15   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/CREDITS
     2180  2009-06-15 18:15   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/NEWS
    15709  2009-06-15 18:16   freedoom-iwad-0.6.4/README.html
---------                     -------
 19865658                     8 files
P.S. I guess what happened is that the new version has not hit the mirrors yet.

Please make the download file have a version number in it, so crap like that doesn't happen.

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Yeah, the mirrors thing was the problem; the *latest.zip files are symlinks to the newest version. Sorry for the inconvenience but it doesn't usually take long for the mirrors to sync.

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On a positive note, lots of good new stuff in here, like the Plutonia and TNT texture replacements.

Makes me laugh to see my M_DOOM graphic still there, not to mention my insanely bad SS sprites lol.

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