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give TID to morphed player?

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#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)
	MorphActor(1337, "player01", "", 1048576, 0, "", "");

script 2 (void)
	MorphActor(1337, "player02", "", 1048576, 0, "", "");

Script 3 ENTER
Thing_ChangeTID(0,1337+PlayerNumber());//This assigns the TID
So, with decorate I made 2 new player types to morph into: one is 50% smaller and one is 25% smaller (player01 and player02).
Currently I have 2 walk over lines, one does script 1, the other does script 2. This works and makes the player repeatedly be able to morph from one size to another (after instantly unmorphing because I don't think you can morph twice).
Well my goal is to make doomguy shrink over time like alice in wonderland, so I want to have a single while loop that morphs him into smaller and smaller sizes, but I probably need a TID for the morphed player so I can unmorph him in that loop (as is I just used 0 for unmorphactor so whatever triggers the line is the activator w/o needing a TID).
This is just another pointless experiment. It doesn't work perfectly so far because you have to see green teleport visuals each morph and the player pauses (but maybe I can copy the velocity of the morphee into the morphed), all well.

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