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Death Egg

Downfall: Ground Zero

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Hello there, I'm a newbie at Doom, so this might not look very good for starters. Though I've practiced making maps a with a bunch of practice maps and played a lot of Doom mods to get a general feel of what people enjoy, this is the first mod I've ever gone public about.

I've just began working on an episode replacement for Doom I that will require ZDoom when released. It will feature 9 levels, two new weapons, and, at maximum, 9 monsters from Realm667. I know people don't tend to like new monsters or weapons, but I've tried to add the monsters in in ways that'll balance the game, and the two new weapons are the Skulltag Minigun, and the Super Shotgun, (from KDiZD) because honestly, Doom isn't the same without a Super Shotgun.

I've already begun work on some of the levels, though none of them are named yet:

E1M1: 085% - Unnamed: I've spent a lot of time on this one, it's completable currently, but it needs some more detailing and object placement before I can call it finished.

E1M2: 005% - Unnamed: This one only has some basic architecture finished, it is still under a lot of work.

E1M8: 040% - Unnamed: This level will include a final boss fight, like the Cyberdemon and Spidermastermind fights, so it won't be very big in comparison to the rest of the levels.

I would hope that this stuff doesn't look too bad in comparison to most mods, as it is the first thing I've actually gotten this far on. (Though before I was overly ambitious and tried entire megawads before I realized my skills needed serious work) I wouldn't expect this to come out for around maybe a year as I would like to perfect most of the mistakes before it is released, but I would like some opinions on what you see above so far.

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Looks good dude. Since you want to use new monsters I would suggest only using a couple of new monsters types per level ( 2 - 3 ) if there is a level theme progression. i.e.: using new zombieman types for base type levels; new mid-range types later( demon - cacodemon ) for hellbase levels and maybe 1 new baron/ sub-boss type and a new boss for the hell levels. Be creative with monster choice too, don't just use the Afrit because a lot of other people use it and it looks cool. Maybe introduce us to a monster that hasn't shown up in any wads yet too (dunno if there still are any of these). Anyway, just some stuff to think about.

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Agree with what's been said. This looks promising, a mix of classic tech and some creative temple setup. The use of new monsters is nice, but I think it's better to use the Wickeds and Hellions in temple/hell/jungle levels, not tech ones. They just have too specific a look to be in tech/industrial bases, IMO. Maybe try the Blood Demon (which is a pinky cyborg) and/or Cyber Baron for those levels?

It's good that you broke away from the megaWAD. For your first attempts, you should stick to WADs of 5 maps or less so you can not only improve your skills with more grace, your maps would have an even qaulity. It's good you want to take a lot of time to get this done right, and to get feedback before you release. Smart movie. No need to rush since you're just starting out.

But, in the end, the screen shots show promise. I'm intrigued and look forward to the completed WAD.

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I know I should be working on the levels before the anything else, but I had to draw out this idea I had for the title screen. What do you guys think?

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