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My Personal Doom2 Project!

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To all here at the Doomworld forums, I just wanted to say hello and to make you aware of the following...

About three months ago I started my own personal project...a 10 map project utilizing the Eternal Resources. this is my update to you, the Doom Community that I have been a part of since 1993.

6 Maps have been completed so far with 4 more maps to go.
Texture alignments are being strictly adhered to.
Careful thought is given to Monster placement.
Weapon and ammo balance throughout the maps is closely monitored and adjusted as necessary during extensive playtesting.
No "death traps"...pits you can't get out of etc.
adjusting the light levels as needed to give the maps "ambience."

When I finish the final map I will put out a call for playtesting for a limited number of Doomers before I release it to the Doom Community. I will be looking for critical feedback so I can possibly adjust and tweak the maps.

These maps will be considered "old school" type of maps.

I'm using DeepSea version 12.15 for this project.

When I finish Map 9 then I will start to release a few screenshots.

I'll keep you posted as progress is being made. Thanks for being there guys and gals and I hope you like it.

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At this moment I'm at 25% done with map 7. It's coming along. I spent about two hours this evening working on the map.

I have a very close friend of mine that I've known since I started "Doomin'" back in 1993, is playtesting my maps 1-6. I'm getting some very useful feedback and I have some adjustments that need to be made, but it's coming along.

I'm taking a break right now in mapping and I'm doing some playtesting this evening as well.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on the progress. Take care!

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I'm about 30-35% done with map 7...I have a couple of days off now so more will get done. I do have a real life you know! Heh!

My playtester found a few obvious errors in maps 3 and 5, so I need to go in and correct those issues.

Overall it's looking good, but who knows? Hopefully the playability will be good. Just remember, Don't expect the fancy-schmacy stuff. Just very straight-forward mapping with some good fighting.

Keep it going guys!

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Sounds awesome, keep us posted, as I just said in another thread a few minutes ago I need more classic level sets!!!! Good luck with this! :)

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Philnemba said:

Whoa I must be dreaming that Cadman is mapping again.

Sounds like he's that good mapper. If that's the case, I'm interested in how he maps.

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