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Anyone up for some Marathon multiplayer?

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I just downloaded the Marathon series, you can get the game here (Bungie released it under an open source license). They released the original game (obviously Mac only) and a source port with a bunch of cool editing features. They also released the map editor.

So anyways, I went to play online and there's only about 6 people there, 4 of them are in a game with a 4 player limit, and the other 2 are chatting about World of Warcraft. So if anyone here wants to play, that would be awesome. So just post a time, which game in the series you want to play, and what you want to do (coop, deathmatch, etc).

I'd like to play some Marathon 2 deathmatch, tomorrow sometime. Hopefully there's some other Marathon fans here.

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Technician said:

If I get this game setup ok, then I'll be interested.

Its not to hard, just download the game content (A1/SDL FILES FOR WINDOWS) towards the middle of the page, and download a copy of AlephOne.exe. Copy the executable to the folder containing the game content and run it.

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I've never played the game before and I know little about it, but I always thought it looked interesting. Pretty cool that bungie released them for free too! I'll have to find the time to give them a spin. And maybe even jump in on some multiplayer :)

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