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zdoom acs moving floor/ceiling complexity

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1 unfinished small area, not a real 'map' or anything.
In doom you're only allowed to move a ceiling or floor once per tic, so I kinda did a work around (by nudging along in 1 pixel or so movements and tallying up total relative movement before moving) so that a group of sectors can move in unison but subsectors of that group can move in its own pattern while staying relative to the group, which probably makes no sense.

So basically I have a big square with 4 quadrants which move in a pattern. Then I have concentric rings moving in their simultaneous pattern. Then the whole thing is checkerboarded and all the diagonals move in their own simultaneous pattern. (then a blue flat changing ring just for the heck of it).

So yeah, this would probably make a nice addition to your recycle bin! Download today! (only tested in zdoom 2.5. made in doombuilder 2: doom in hexen format).

edit: also I should note that the acs code could probably be made a lot shorter if functions were used but I'm not really familar with those yet.

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