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Sector floor height "above" sector ceiling height (sky)

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Ooooooookaaay, the title is really bad, but I`m not sure how to explain this shit in english, but I think youll understand by looking at the pics.

I`m making this hight mountain thing, like this:

But when I walk over here the sky above the building is cutting the mountain off, like I cannot see through:

Is there any way to solve this?

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Not really; that's just how sky works in Doom. You have several options to work around it.

1) Limit the player's movement so that they can't stand in a position where the blocking sky is visible.

2) Make the lower building taller so you can't see as much over it, and/or make the mountain shorter so it won't extend up so high.

3) Replace the ceilings of the lower building with midtextures. This is probably not going to be to your liking.

4) Remove the ceiling from the lower building entirely, leaving its 'walls' as raised floors.

5) Use a port like GZDoom or EDGE to construct the lower building's top using 3D floors.

6) Use Eternity's or ZDoom's portals to split your map structures into vertical layers. This isn't easily doable in a map that's already built, though.

Some combination of ideas 1 and 2 is your best bet, probably.

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Those flesh inlay pillars will cause the same problem if you're far enough back. Nice idea too - maybe some translucent midtextures could add a cool look to it, though it might be too opaque with prboom's default setting. Offtopic, is there a way to set that via dehacked?

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Sky textures work just like wall textures, they're just displayed differently. If there is a wall in front of your mountain, it will cover the visibility of the mountain. In your case, the low hanging sector that the sky flat is used on is blocking your view of the mountain, and so it gets erased in gameplay. If you are using Doombuilder 2, look at your map in visual mode. If anything is blocking the full view of your mountain, then you won't get the full view of your mountain in gameplay. If you think about it like layers in photo editing programs, layers that are on top will always be shown first, and layers behind it get covered up

In your situation, that looks kinda hard to work with. I think you could potentially move that doorway backwards so that it is behind the mountain instead of further ahead of it. That could potentially interfere with the structure of your map if you already got started on what is behind that doorway though.

I guess one other alternative you could try is to create a tall mountain or structure (such as that pillar) just in front of that entrance so that it blocks where the mountain starts to get covered up in sky.

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Thanks for the input folks!

I have found a way that works. I simply moved the building further back. Its a very small building (its the end of the map), so that worked just fine. You can see the building/sky interfere with the mountain a little bit in a couple of areas, but its hard to see and youll have to look for it, so it`ll work as it is now.

As for the pillars; I removed the ceiling textures and added sky instead and made them floor-based only.

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I`m having some issiues with this stuff in software mode. Doent this kind of stuff work in software? I mean; raise the sky-sector so that you can have higher (ground) sectors there than elswhere in the map?

I tried the map in software, and I cant see the mountain at all, and other places there are HOMs.


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