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Thief 3 Engine

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Taken from Voodoo Extreme:

On Thief III's engine 9:34 AM (your time) - Robert "Apache" Howarth - Games: Action - (2)

Thanks to our little buddies at 3DAP for the notice that Paul Tozour, the AI programmer at ION Storm AUSTIN for Thief III hit up our very own boards with some comments about them using the Unreal Warfare engine, as opposed to say, DOOM 3. Here's the poop:

Just to clarify a few things for everyone:

We will be using the latest generation Unreal(R) Engine that Epic is building for use in their upcoming game Unreal Warfare.

We will also be heavily modifying the engine in several ways as appropriate to Thief 3 and Deus Ex 2.

I can't comment on any of the specific technologies that we are modifying or replacing, but for those of you concerned about specific technologies and how they will work with T3 and DX2, rest assured that we are all too well aware of the specific technological requirements of our unique games and we're not hesitating to make the changes we need to make to the engine to get them to work in just the way we want.

And for the Doom 3 zealots out there, please read oRGy's post (#105) very carefully.

Paul Tozour
AI Developer
Thief 3

If you are wondering, #105 wrote:

"And how are ISA supposed to license the Doom 3 engine when there's no way it'll be available to license for at least a year?"

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WHY!??! Why did they chose the "Momma, I made a 365754543 km^2 canyon with neon-green-fluoro lights and models with NO EARS" Engine!?!?

DX2 and Thief3 design diaries scream "DOOM 3 ENGINE COMPATIBLE". They could just make some arrangements with id, work out the DDs until the day...

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Zaldron did it ever occur to you that maybe ENGINE is different from the GAMES :P

Deus Ex was made using the Unreal engine, was it all flourescent green lights and huge canyons?

Plus, it's kind of hard to license an engine which will not be done for over a year.

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Note : I said Unreal <Warfare>.

So far every single tech shot/video of that game shows some BIG place.

Deus Ex had a lot of weird colors too. True, they were good used, as in real life.

Besides, you don't need to license the engine now. You can already start making a lot of stuff for the game, you just need to ask id a couple of top secret questions about the tech.

Elite Force was being made while Q3 was being developed. id gave Raven each month a new beta of the engine (wich of course scrambled all the Raven code :)

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