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Where is newgothic?

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I saw some cool maps in a video from the "Post your Doom video!" thread, and some poster said it was from a wad called "newgothic".

So anyways, I can't find any wads with that name. I searched the archives, for "newgothic", "new gothic", and "gothic" and couldn't find anything. I also tried google but few of the results were even related to the game Doom.

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It's not released yet, only 17 maps, heh. Here's the dev thread on DW, and you can find it on wads in progress, though I basically just say 'look at my wad, isn't it cool? Give some feedback!' and link it back to that thread. I technically have it on hold cause I'm helping 40oz with uacultra2, and the maps I want to make for that overlap what I'd make for newgothic. Kinda surprised I hadn't had anything posted on it for a month. Check the last page for the newest version, though I did add some coop starts to all the maps/dm starts to a few maps in a blogs post.

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Not sure, but ArmouredBlood is the man behind Newgothic, he, or someone else will probably answer you soon.

Also was it the Weapon MOD video? IIRC most of the maps in the video was from Sunder and Deus Vult, but I do remember some Newgothic in there aswell. When he shot the big nuke gun was Newgothic at least

EDIT: WELL WELL WELL, look at that

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