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Looking for rather, scary textures.

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Ok so I Tried to use the doom64 textures beacuse I wanted to make a wad which is just as spine chilling as DOOM64 TC and PSX doom.

but this didnt really work out well, it ended up in freakin ugly textuers.

So this discussion what to do with them is in another thread, but now I wanna find something just as nice as the doom64 textures so I made this thread for the relevant topic.

so if there exist any just as dark themed textures that matches to the dark-abinent PSX and doom64 music, my questoin is: Were are they :) ? and are there any suggestions :) ? and how do I get them :) ?

now I hope some other random soul finds use of this

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The textures alone won't make your wad scary. Why don't you just dim the lighting in your maps and just use DOOM2.wad textures? I mean, low lighting will just as easily make textures darker as using dark textures would. Doom64's lighting pretty much made it what it was.

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well im hunting for the combination
abient music will be added so the missing recipe is the textures

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