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Ultimate Doom E1M4 Speedruns

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oh, wow. that's not a bad start. I think the lowest time I've gotten is 15 or 16 seconds. There's a speed run where that level is done in 12 seconds, but I heard that it was TAS.... so it's not a fair comparison to a speedrun done by an actual player.

Just out of curiosity, which binary (.exe) version do you use? If you can jump, you might be able to save yourself some time. You can see that I had pre-calculated exactly when and where I could jump over the demon to save myself time and damage points.

I just ran the speedrun over and over and over until I got a good time, and then kept that demo, and then kept trying it again and again. when you practice in succession, you make better progress. You will eventually get to a plateau which you can not exceed in that session of speed running. It is best to take a break for a while when this happens. You can only get so lucky before you begin achieving fewer results, or get bored.

I personally like using a script or batch file to expedite how quickly I can re-run and copy my good demos to a separate file demo file, as to not over-record a time-breaker. I don't always use this approach. I sometimes just manually re-copy my demos if I break my target time.

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12 done by Adam Hegyi already in 2001. Unless your sources of information accuses him for cheating or being robot, it's done by an actual player.
Edit: darn

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I wasn't implying that anyone was cheating, nor was I aware that it was not a TAS. I didn't say it was not 'legit'. Didn't mean for you to misunderstand. I'm not here to discredit anyone. I'm here because Doom is fun.

Also: I have to reupload these (no text file description this time). I accidentally deleted my web directories tonight :/ an unfortunate mistake. Luckily (and I say that with chagrin), only my doom page was lost....

it's the same couple demos...

e1m4 demos.zip

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