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Concerning Mouse Acceleration in Vista/7

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I'm probably the last person on this forum to find out about this, but if you use PrBoom/Glboom in Windows Vista/7 without mouse acceleration (the slider all the way to the left), and still wonders why there continues to be acceleration, then you might have "Enhance Pointer Precision" under "Mouse Properties" in the Control Panel turned on.

The other problem is, even if you uncheck it, Windows apparently STILL accelerates your mouse and overrides your settings, unless you use a registry hack. I found entryway making a post about this some time ago, but didn't think to use it. Just used it now, and holy shit, it makes a TON of difference in my mouse movement. Less choppy, more precise, and a lot more steady in my turns now.

I might be the only one who needs this information, but just posting this in case someone else is having the same problems. :)

Link: http://prboom-plus.sourceforge.net/mouse_accel_fix.zip

The only problem is, if you're used to having "Enhance Pointer Precision" turned on, you will really notice the change in mouse movement. Some people might not like the change, but for demo recording, it's definitely worth it if you don't like acceleration.

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I use MarkC fix but I don't know if there is any difference. It's just that I have to untick "Enchance Pointer Precision" (which has to be on) anytime I want to play doom under dosbox, otherwise I get negative acceleration. I wonder if doom or dosbox manipulates acceleration curve or something.

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i built a new gaming rig recently, going from xp directly to 7. i can´t play for shit with 7´s default mouse settings. even setting accel to 0 still leaves noticeable accel. i recommend markc´s fix, it made my mouse behave exactly as i´m used with it from xp, no matter what mouse, sens or dpi i´m using.

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