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There are two or three issues with jumping:

1) It's not a gameplay option. I can only disable it by unbinding the jump key, and there's no menu option or OPTIONS lump entry for it, despite being a gameplay-changer.

2) Trying to climb steep geometry is impossible unless you give yourself a boost. That's OK, because there's no air control in Doom. However, Strife did a trick with it, because in that game I can climb, but only if I jump ahead. I guess Strife lacks air-control too. After you decipher how Strife treats that action, will you add it for Eternity DOOM jumping too? :) (I assume Eternity Heretic will use the same jumping as E Doom and E Strife, while Eternity Hexen will use whatever behavior was already defined).

3) Relatedly, jumping on things is extremely easy, to the point of being able to bypass every threat just by going over it (barons, arachs, mancs, knights and bosses are safe from this; you can make barrages with them). ZDoom doesn't allow it this easily, but I think that also depends on altered physics, dunno. Does vanilla Hexen prevent the player from jumping over monsters easily? I know that the player keeps potential energy when thrusting into another thing, but not when thrusting into a wall (that's why no climb). It still accumulates energy if thrusting into a V corner, though.

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1) I know and it does need to be added, but it's not a very good time right now.

2) I believe what Strife does is allow you to "step up" into sectors even if you're not on the ground. It works, but it has some other side effects that really have nothing to do with jumping, so I don't know if that's a very good way of implementing it.

3) Dunno. This is determined entirely by the height of the thing. Eternity never adjusts the height of monsters because it is a gameplay factor which affects aiming and the ability to score hits with missiles.

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