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Bobsklim IV

max ammo

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How do I go about altering the max amount of an ammo type already defined in the doom engine (eg bullets, shells, rockets)? The source port I am trying to do this with is zdoom.


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As far as I know, you cannot modify the definitions of "actors" already defined in the game. In other words, the definition of shotgun shells, for example, cannot be changed. The only way for you to increase the Inventory.MaxAmount for "shells" is:

1. Define a new ammo type that is virtually the same as DooM's 'shell'.
2. Change the Inventory.MaxAmount for your new ammo type.

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This is something I really wanted to avoid as it would mean having to put in new ammo boxes in every map, and for a weapons wad would make the weapons absolutely useless as no other map would have any ammo for them :(


So by creating a 'stacking' backpack i could increase the preset max ammo capacities? or does that only work for new ammos?

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