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3D floor texture?

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This is kind of hard to explain, but say that I want to use a middle texture such as MIDBARS1 to be floating flat in midair, so that it can be used a 3D bridge. Is there any way to do this (in (g)zdoom obviously)?

So, in other words, can I make a middle texture appear horizontal instead of vertical, and use it as a 3D bridge?

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I'm not positive, but I'm fairly certain that in GZDoom (opengl renderer) you can use a masked texture, like MIDBARS1, as the floor/ceiling of a 3D floor, for the effect you're looking for.

You might need to create a custom edit of the texture to fit to a standard size (like 64x64, 64x128, 128x64, 128x128, or some other power-of-2 combination), to keep it from rendering oddly on the floor/ceiling.

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