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[RELEASE]The Cenote

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For anyone who hasn't played, I updated it to version 1.1.

- fixed ammo based weapons not to produce more ammo every time it's picked up.
- fixed some weapons that wouldn't drop certain weapons if you were holding it.
- Pretzalcoatls can't keep their shields up too long.
- Ekchuah's health doubled.
- changed the werejaguar's damagefactors a bit.
- Super Buzz Blaster now shoots slightly more powerful shots that rip through enemies.
- Added 'Robo Crimson' a new enemy.
- Burrito Crag can only spew a max of 4 burritos.
- Unused sounds were removed. Makes file smaller.
- Inventory things were given colored borders. Blue for items, yellow for abilities, and red for keys/puzzle items.

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