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Definitive list of differences between Strife 1.2 and 1.31

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Here's a list of the only differences between Strife 1.2 and 1.31, courtesy of a direct comparison of the executables:

  • Code was added to replace the lost "bunny scroll" functionality previously used for the ending of the demo with a new slideshow state in F_StartFinale and F_DoSlideShow.
  • F_DoSlideShow was additionally modified so that the screenwipe routine does not run constantly (this is only visible in 1.2 if you bring up the menus over the end credits screen).
  • M_DoNameChar, M_SaveGame, M_NewGame, and M_Responder have minor modifications that allow you to choose a savegame rather than always save to your "character" slot. Separate quicksave ability was restored to its DOOM state, and the ability to take a screenshot was moved to a different key.
  • P_DialogDoChoice will decline to give the player a message if that message starts with a period ('.') character.
  • ST_Responder was modified so that the RIFT cheat can only take you to levels 32 through 34 in the demo version, and levels 1 through 34 in the registered version. In 1.2 it allowed maps from 1 to 40 in either mode.
That's *it*. This is literally the entire list of differences. Because of this, it is very likely that Choco Strife will support behaving as either version.

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