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Young Cyberdemon

Custom Monsters and Weapons

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Hi i'm pretty much new to all the extreme extras of doom and in some place that you can have custom monsters and weapons and have them in doom. Is that true and how do you do it?

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realm667.com is probably the best place to go. these are strictly for ZDoom.

you need to grab SLumpEd or something similar.

to add, say a custom monster, download it from realm667, open it in SLumpEd, and open the DECORATE lump you find in there. at the top you'll see

actor badguy

or something like that.

assign a number to this. it's the monster's thingID

so it looks something like this:

actor badguy 5555

make sure the thingID is not already in use by DOOM.

now in SLumpED copy/paste all the files from the new monster into a WAD you wish to have the monster in.

go into your level editor and insert things where you want that monster to be. give these things your assigned thingID (5555 or whatever).

there ya go.

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NaturalTvventy said:

assign a number to this. it's the monster's thingID

No. It's the monster's editor number (or EdNum/DoomEdNum). The thing ID, or TID, generally refers to something else, which can be given to a specific actor so as to identify it in a script.

If you confuse thingID and DoomEdNum, the documentation on the ZDoom wiki is going to be very, very confusing for you.

As for the lump editor, I recommend SLADE3.

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