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Porsche Monty

Chocolate Doom and serial networking

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When I finally made the switch to Win2k (not long before XP was released) I tried connecting my then modern machine to my old DOS box via null modem (a very straightforward procedure with Doom95) and it worked just fine, but Doom95 wasn't exactly the best port in town.

10 years later, there's little use left for this kind of connection as far as multiplayer gaming is concerned, but I wonder, couldn't this serial thingy be re-coded into Chocolate Doom? I still have 2 fully-functional 486's laying around so...

I guess it would have been done if it were easy and useful to the average player, but I had to ask anyways.


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Dial-up modem (sersetup) support:

Dial-up modems obsoleted by broadband connectivity; functionality is available by using PPP to tunnel TCP/IP

If you're using Windows, you can use the "direct cable connection" support to set up a serial link.

The network code is designed with modular backends, so you could conceivably write a serial connection backend, but it doesn't seem like it's particularly worth the effort.

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