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Invisible pillars/floors

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I know this is possible, but can't remember how to do it. Basically I want to make some pillars that you can see through, but cannot cross until a switch is activated. Also, I remember a really cool wad from a loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggggggg time ago where you decended a invisable staircase. The only way you knew where to go was from candles placed on the steps. Does anyone know how to do this as well.

I'm looking to do this outside of the realms of those new fangled ports. I'm talking old school doom wad creation.

Any help out there?

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You'll need to break open a sector to do it.

1. Start with a regular platform in a room, let's say the platform is going to be a square.

2. Then draw a sector around it so it's like a border around the platform. This border sector will later serve as a barrier to prevent the properties of the invisible platform from spilling out into neighboring sectors, so the platform doesn't mess anything else up. Make these lines as close to the platform as possible (1 unit in this case).

3. Draw a dummy sector outside the map. This will contain the actual invisible platforms properties: ceiling and floor height, light level, and linedef tag. Setting floor or ceiling textures here do not matter, since the platform will be invisible.

4. Merge the dummy sector and the platform that will be invisible, so they are basically the same sector. If you did this right, when you highlight one of them, the other will be highlighted. Take note of the sector number. You need this for the next step.

5. Go to the platform to be invisible and highlight all lines of it. Do not also select the lines of the border you created in step 2. Now open the linedef properties window and look for the sidedef reference fields. Change these, both front and back sidedefs, to the number of the dummy sector you took note of in step 4.

If all goes well, you now have an invisible platform. To change it's sector properties, you always have that dummy sector outside the map (that it's linked to) that you can click on. If you want to make it move down, just give the dummy sector a tag like you would any other sector. Addendum: if you're going to move the dummy sector up or down, you will most likely need to make another sector adjacent (and connected) to the dummy sector, so it knows what floor/ceiling level to lower/raise to.

Also take note that level editors will probably spot this effect as an error, because it is after all.

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