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ACS Conditions

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Can anyone point me in the direction to a decent ACS tutorial that helps with Conditional scripting? Y'know like If, else etc. it's been a while (two years) since I was activly mapping and can't remember a lot of stuff.

What i'm trying to do at the moment is have a sector that slowly gives the player health when inside the sector.

Can anyone help?

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Well, there is the Sector_Heal sector type, which would involve no scripting at all. You can't change the behavior of it, but maybe you should see if it already does what you want, before resorting to scripting.

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I couldnt find "sector_heal". But I tried the "Sector_setdamage" in ACS but reveresed it so it had -10 damage...That half worked...It gave the player +10 armour, going above maximum. But I need health and for it to not go above maximum.

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Sector_SetDamage is a linedef special.

Sector_Heal is a sector special. You access it in sector mode by selecting the sectors and opening their properties dialog. Its number is 196 (decimal). If you can't find it, you're probably in the wrong editing mode.

What source port are you designing your wad to work with?

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