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Help with Rampage V2 (ENG) WAD

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Hi, all. I've recently downloaded this "revenge of the looney" GZDoom WAD called "Rampage" by Lainos. I am completely stuck in the chapel room, though, and don't know how to progress without cheating. (The chapel room is the small room made of stone and wood with religious paintings on the walls, including one of Jesus. In the center of the room is a serious of spiraling pillars ascending in height). I can't find a way to kill the invisible arch-vile creature because it seems to have endless health, and the door to the room is locked once I'm inside.

Does anyone know how to get out of this room without using cheats? Or maybe how to kill the invisible arch-vile creature? Or is there a glitch in this map? Please, let me know because I'm really stumped and it's driving me insane :p.

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Before you do anything else, make sure you haven't covered a switch in blood after killing ten thousand monsters.

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Just don't shoot in church. That's God's punishment. :)

I so suprised, that this WAD is until now is remembered.

Sorry for my english. ^_^'

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