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What source ports could run The Sky May Be?

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I used Skulltag for everything before, but this time it tells me that I'm not allowed to use "shareware" WADs on Skulltag. I downloaded the WAD from http://www.it-he.org/doom.htm#smb I'm not even sure I installed it right. I extracted it and it gave me a bunch of texts, .exe's, and 2 .wad files. One is titled SKYMAYBE and the other is SMB417. How do I get this running and what source port will I have to use to run it?

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If you "installed" it, then you've done it wrong. I'm assuming that you're perfectly aware of the -file command-line parameter, so I'll just leave it that generally speaking you never need to "install" WADs anymore. It used to be that certain resources like flats and sprites had to be merged with a registered IWAD back in the days of vanilla Doom; newer sourceports generally don't need that to happen, with the notable exception of Chocolate Doom.

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Fisk said:

with the notable exception of Chocolate Doom.

For which you can use the -merge command in place of -file to emulate said behavior. :)

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ZDoom and GZDoom work well enough with it, though it's recommended to disable jump, crouch, and vertical mouse aim, but that's obvious enough.

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