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Skulltag: Cannot extract/view ST PK3 lumps

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All I want to do is get the Actorname for the SSG zombie so I can make a quick translation replacement so the green is red, but I can't...none of the files inside skulltag.pk3 are readable with either Pakscape or SlumpEd but the non-ST files can be read with XWE but give me a bunch of "File does not exist" errors when I click on it.

So, why is this doing this? I just want to view skulltagmonsters.txt for the actor name, that's all. Extracting via SlumpEd just gives an unreadable/blank file...is the team hiding something?

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The files are compressed with methods other than STORE and DEFLATE, which is what many implementations of the ZIP protocol are limited to.

You have to use something like 7-zip to extract the files.

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