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Music of Doom 2 Map24

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Hey folks. Just a little question for you.

How does your sound-card play the first notes of this tune? I remember on my older sound-cards, back in the days of vanilla Doom, the initial instruments were crystal-clear synths - but my new sound-card makes it sound more like bass. And it definitely sounds much better.

For discussion's sake - how do you feel about this track? I always felt it was boring, and it's actually 7 minutes long.

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"In The Dark," which is also featured on Map06, The Crusher. I think it's fitting for the levels it was used on. It set the mood well. To listen to it outside of DooM, though, I can see it being boring. The instrument that first plays is supposed to be a Fretless Bass.

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Yeah, I think the track was well used in the levels it was applied to, adding a mechanic touch to the generally industrial environments.

gemini09 said:
crystal-clear synths

I think that our of memory you're confusing two different sounds. The clear crystal-like sound is used for a percussion instrument starting a bit into the song. The bass starts earlier and sounds nicely distorted and vibrant in OPL. What I've always liked about OPL is that with the included GENMIDI lump it gives a rather unique sound to the music, alien to real instrumentation in general but part of the game atmosphere. Such synthetic sounds (as the "crystal" percussion) are part of that.

Sir Galahad imitated the OPL sound decently in his MP3 rendition. The MP2 on Doomworld and some other instrument sets make it sound like something by Robert Trujillo in Suicidal Tendencies. In EAWPATS it's more acceptably distorted.

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You talking about this?

As far as I remember, my old computer played the music like this. And to me, the beginning sounds anything but crystal clear.

About the music structure. It's actually very common in Doom music. Most songs are structured like this (using layman's terms, not a midi guru): the melody or chorus plays multiple times thorough the midi, but every time it loops 1 or more instrument is added. When the last chorus ends, the midi loops from the beginning.

I kinda like In The Dark. Great for factories, dark tunnels, grim cities and the like. Doom's music is best when it's playing in the background. That makes it sometimes dull sounding if you just listen to it as in "I'm listening to music."

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I think I got slightly misinterpreted. I meant "crystal-clear synth" as in the sound was clearly a synthesizer - while it sounds more like an actual bass-line on my new sound-card.

The thing that spoils it for me, is the high notes of the bass-line. It sounds so primitive when it shifts back and forth.

The reason I asked, is because I'm considering it for a planned level of mine. It takes place on Mars, and draws inspiration from stuff like this:


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