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Zdoom - Monsters on different teams?

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Hey. I wanna try something with ACS, but since I'm a newbie with it I thought I'd ask here.

I want to make it so some monsters are on 1 team, and other monsters are on a 2nd team so I can make big scale fight. Can this be done? The only things concerning teams I could find in the wiki were related to player teams.

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There are no teams for monsters in ZDoom. You could have a bunch of friendly monsters and unfriendly ones; but the unfriendly monsters wouldn't attack the friendly ones until they're hit first.

Your best bet is probably to use Thing_Hate to make the fight work.

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Ok, if you were looking to make them fight in a level, then I dont know, but if you just wanna see monsters rip ech other apart then download the psychophobia mod for doom 2, it has a really cool lab feature in which you can make two teams of monsters.

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